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Message From SMR Head Coach Aaron Brady
Posted Feb 16, 2018









I am writing to invite you attend a FREE workout this weekend at our stadium on Sunday from 3 to 5 pm.  We wanted to offer another opportunity for the local 7 & 8th graders to work with our coaching staff and get to know us.  This will be a non-contact camp; please bring cleats and sneakers.  Plus, we want to continue to grow the game of football in Southern Maryland.

The camp will involve the following segments:
1. Offensive and Defensive Indy by position
2. Split group Inside run vs bags teach period for Defense / Routes on AIr teach for Offense
3. Split groupInside run vs bags for offense /  7 on 7 teach for defense

4. 1 on 1's at all positions
5. Finish with 7 on 7 with everyone (let the boys have some fun)
Please contact Coach Brady ( with more questions about the workout.  For you 8th graders, we hope that you receive your acceptance letter to SMR this weekend or Tuesday next week (they are being mailed today).   If the weather is questionable on Sunday, please check your email and or our twitter account for updates on the schedule (@smrfootball) or on instagram (@smrhsknightsfootball).


Have a wonderful weekend,
Coach Brady